Monday, August 11, 2014

Watch European History Being Forged For Schools

The biography of John Foxe (1516 – 1587) the writer of Marterology shows an example where a rebillious iconoclast leader who fought against a spread of the idolatry practices of catholic church to save his ancestral monotheistic Islamic faith. He had to flee, watch people persecuted. However he is now depicted as a supporter of popery and a catholic trinitarian from the beginning. His Book that was burnt during his times was later forged and now states his belief in Christ, Bible and Kings and Queens as divinely ordained.
While the facts of his real motivation and beliefs, which indicate their disgust for Catholic Christianity,  are still evident from surviving records of the European Iconoclastic movement he was a leading figure:
In Basel in 1529 crucifix was dragged to the market, where a crowd mocked it with the words ' If you are God, then save yourself'"
p 132 , The Reformation of the Image, Joseph Leo Koerner, Reaktion Books, Feb 27, 2004

Early English books because of heavy forged material are a puzzling confused mix of the strands of the original work and new forged stories.

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